Multi spring elements in local coordinate system in ANSYS

I am using different spring elements for different directions in local coordinate system in ANSYS. At first, I could only add spring elements in global system even though I defined and activated local system, it just didn’t work. I searched on Google without satisfying results. Fortunately, I got this problem successfully solved with the help of a friend.  Problem description In this testing example, I used a rotated cantilever beam with two spring elements at x and y directions in

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Run ANSYS with MATLAB for parametric analysis

I switched from ABAQUS to ANSYS for my current research, though I am more familiar with ABAQUS.  I currently have all the APDL for my model and want to do  parametric analysis which requires about 7 to 8 hours for the calculation of one model with 2 cores. To improve the efficiency of running macro files in ANSYS, I decide to use MATLAB to run ANSYS. I never used this function before and I am also a beginner in ANSYS.

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Extracting data of node set from odb in ABAQUS

I want to extract reaction force and displacement of a certain point, which is a reference point established in INTERACTION module and set as a geometry set named ‘SET-3’. The error information will pop up when using the codes I often use, as ‘KeyError: SET-3’, which can be seen in the second code part. I searched the Abaqus Scripting Reference Guide for ode objects (34.23), the methods to use node sets from Part, Assembly and Instance modules are listed below. session.odbs[name].parts[name].NodeSet session.odbs[name].rootAssembly.instances[name].NodeSet

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Warnings on keywords when importing input file to ABAQUS

I want to analyze a steel frame with pin connections at both sides or one side at some beams. I found the keyword *Release is very useful and convenient, so I resort to this keyword. I wrote the input file with the same syntax rules, so that it will be more convenient for me to establish more models. However, when I try to run the input file, there are warnings and errors even with the input file generated from a

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Examples of extracting matrices from ABAQUS

2D frame This is a plane steel frame with box sections subjected to a point load at one node figured as below. An dynamic implicit analysis step was defined and the following lines were added at the end of input file. ** *STEP *MATRIX GENERATE, STIFFNESS, MASS, LOAD, Structural Damping,Viscous Damping *MATRIX OUTPUT, STIFFNESS, MASS, LOAD, Structural Damping,Viscous Damping, FORMAT=COORDINATE *END STEP

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