Simulation of a bolted T-stub with ABAQUS

About one year ago, I tried to analyze a bolted T-stub to test the analysis method of bolted connections and verify my abaqus model referring to a journal paper, unfortunately, I could not find that paper now. Though I would not focus on steel connections in the future, I still want to make a summary of this simulation in order not to waste the effort one year ago. Due to the symmetry of this stub, only half is modeled as

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Fracture analysis of a metal specimen

I analyzed a specimen of ductile material with explicit dynamic method about one year ago. Recently, I want to review the model and summarize the process of analysis. Stress and strain of material in ABAQUS Stress and strain in the definition of material in abauqs should be converted to true stress \(\sigma\) and true plastic strain \({\varepsilon _p}\) from the data obtained in experiments. The stress and strain achieved in experiments are engineering stress \({\sigma _{{\rm{eng}}}}\) and engineering strain \({{\varepsilon

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Transverse shear stiffness of beam in ABAQUS

Calculation of transverse shear stiffness Definition The effective transverse shear stiffness of the section of a shear flexible beam is defined in Abaqus as \[{\overline K _{\alpha 3}} = f_p^\alpha {K_{\alpha 3}}\] where \({\overline K _{\alpha 3}}\) is the section shear stiffness in the \(\alpha \)-direction;  \({K_{\alpha 3}}\) is the actual shear stiffness of the section having units of force; and \(\alpha = 1,{\kern 1pt} {\kern 1pt} {\kern 1pt} 2\) are the local directions of the cross-section.  \(f_p^\alpha \) is a dimensionless factor used

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Examples of extracting matrices from ABAQUS

2D frame This is a plane steel frame with box sections subjected to a point load at one node figured as below. An dynamic implicit analysis step was defined and the following lines were added at the end of input file. ** *STEP *MATRIX GENERATE, STIFFNESS, MASS, LOAD, Structural Damping,Viscous Damping *MATRIX OUTPUT, STIFFNESS, MASS, LOAD, Structural Damping,Viscous Damping, FORMAT=COORDINATE *END STEP

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