Flow over a cylinder with ANSYS Fluent

I am currently learning ANSYS Fluent for my research. There are also many great YouTube videos about this. To inspire myself to keep learning and also to record part of life, I want to summarize the analysis results of transient flow over a cylinder in this post. To capture the famous Von Karman Street, and also to understand why the flow at low Reynolds number could be considered as steady, the Reynolds number 10 and 100 are adopted in transient

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Multi spring elements in local coordinate system in ANSYS

I am using different spring elements for different directions in local coordinate system in ANSYS. At first, I could only add spring elements in global system even though I defined and activated local system, it just didn’t work. I searched on Google without satisfying results. Fortunately, I got this problem successfully solved with the help of a friend.  Problem description In this testing example, I used a rotated cantilever beam with two spring elements at x and y directions in

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Run ANSYS with MATLAB for parametric analysis

I switched from ABAQUS to ANSYS for my current research, though I am more familiar with ABAQUS.  I currently have all the APDL for my model and want to do  parametric analysis which requires about 7 to 8 hours for the calculation of one model with 2 cores. To improve the efficiency of running macro files in ANSYS, I decide to use MATLAB to run ANSYS. I never used this function before and I am also a beginner in ANSYS.

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Extracting data of node set from odb in ABAQUS

I want to extract reaction force and displacement of a certain point, which is a reference point established in INTERACTION module and set as a geometry set named ‘SET-3’. The error information will pop up when using the codes I often use, as ‘KeyError: SET-3’, which can be seen in the second code part. I searched the Abaqus Scripting Reference Guide for ode objects (34.23), the methods to use node sets from Part, Assembly and Instance modules are listed below. session.odbs[name].parts[name].NodeSet session.odbs[name].rootAssembly.instances[name].NodeSet

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Simulation of a bolted T-stub with ABAQUS

About one year ago, I tried to analyze a bolted T-stub to test the analysis method of bolted connections and verify my abaqus model referring to a journal paper, unfortunately, I could not find that paper now. Though I would not focus on steel connections in the future, I still want to make a summary of this simulation in order not to waste the effort one year ago. Due to the symmetry of this stub, only half is modeled as

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