Beam elements in ABAQUS

Beam elements in ABAQUS make me a little confused, especially about the shear stiffness and elements for open sections. In this post, I want to make a summary of the elements in ABAQUS and give an example about the settings of beam elements. Beam element library Beam elements in a plane only have active degrees of freedom 1, 2, 6. Beam elements in space have active degrees of freedom 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Open section beams in space B31OS,

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Examples of extracting matrices from ABAQUS

2D frame This is a plane steel frame with box sections subjected to a point load at one node figured as below. An dynamic implicit analysis step was defined and the following lines were added at the end of input file. ** *STEP *MATRIX GENERATE, STIFFNESS, MASS, LOAD, Structural Damping,Viscous Damping *MATRIX OUTPUT, STIFFNESS, MASS, LOAD, Structural Damping,Viscous Damping, FORMAT=COORDINATE *END STEP

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Time and Amplitude in ABAQUS

I am recently using the dynamic analysis in Abaqus, so I decided to summarize the understanding of time and amplitude in it so that I can refer to this article later if needed. Time Step Time: the time period in *STEP definition. Total Time: the sum of all the Step Time. Natural time: actual time that one thing takes. The time in Abaqus/Standard does not have any actual meaning, it can be understood as the relative time. The time in

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Extract Matrix from ABAQUS

Matrix in ABAQUS Matrices: Stiffness, Mass, Viscous Damping, Structural Damping, Load Formats:  FORMAT=MATRIX INPUT (default) to specify that the output use the matrix input text format that is consistent with the format used by the matrix definition technique in Abaqus/Standard. FORMAT=LABELS to specify that the output use the standard labeling format. FORMAT=COORDINATE to specify that the output use the common mathematical coordinate format.

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